Meet Our Farmers…


At Laurrapin, we believe the best food is grown locally…it’s healthier, tastier and just the right thing to do. So we source from local farmers we know, have strong relationships with and who bring us the best ingredients.

Grand View Farm   

Forest Hill, Maryland

At GVF we use intensive pasture management, rotational grazing and stack multi species on the pastures to deliver the highest quality, cleanest and most nutrient dense food possible. This rotation and multi-speciation confuses pathogens and provides a platform that allows us to grow animals without the use of any type of medications, hormones or antibiotics.

Deer Meadow Farm

Aberdeen, Maryland

Karl and Donna Mandl started their small family farm in 1999, raising all natural, hormone free heritage pork.  Heritage pork often have more fat, which makes the meat flavorful and moist. Plus, heritage pigs aren’t raised in confinement, which means happier, healthier animals and less environmental contamination.

Flying Plow Farm

Joppa, Maryland

Tom and Sarah are part of the new wave of organic sustainable farmers who are passionate about farm to table foods that are healthy, rich in nutrients, and can be farmed sustainably year round. They produce certified organic vegetables, pasture raised French Heritage Hens, free range brown eggs.

Third Way Farm   

Havre de Grace, Maryland

On 25 gorgeous acres nestled behind the Bulle Rock community in Havre de Grace MD, we are shaping our farm around the principles of permaculture and practicing “organic” and sustainable methods of agriculture. We grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs on a 1.5 acres, and raise laying hens on our pasture for eggs. Demonstrating and promoting a more just, local food system is how we seek to serve our community as people of faith.

Keyes Creamery

Havre de Grace, Maryland

The Keyes family has operated a dairy farm for more than 55 years. Their own grass-fed cows include 200 Holstein cows, heifers and calves. The animals are all bred and hand-raised on the farm and they make their delicious cheese and ice cream from milk produced only during the grazing season enhancing their quality and flavor.

Harman’s Farm Market

Churchville, Maryland

Since 1988, The Harman family has been offering fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents of Harford County. They offer a vast array of summer fruits and vegetables including sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, watermelon and  cantaloupe.

Gunpowder Bison and Trading Co.

Monkton, Maryland

Gunpowder bison are raised naturally, without any harmful hormones or feed additives, dry aged for premium quality and inspected by the USDA.  The low fat, high protein and high iron content of bison fits well with today’s health-conscious consumer. And, bison is a natural meat, produced sustainably without added growth hormones or antibiotics.

Colora Orchards

Colora, Maryland

The homestead of this farm was started in 1843 by the Balderston family in Colora, Maryland. The 500 acre farm is still owned and operated by the Balderstons, growing fresh market apples and peaches.

P.A. Bowen Farmstead

Brandywine, Maryland

Farm managers Mike and Barb Haigwood are dedicated to raising grass-based livestock and producing fine artisan raw cheese. Situated in the gentle hills of Maryland’s Prince George’s County, their diverse multi-species farm seeks to mimic the patterns of nature with old-fashioned grazing techniques coupled with modern technologies.